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Your Medical Home

Part of taking care of your child is building a trusting relationship in sickness and in health.  We want to be your source for reliable, evidence-based information for your child’s health and well being.  Please call (860) 885-0666 for your well-child appointment, early evening and Saturday appointments are available. We often offer to schedule the next well-child visit during the current one.

We discourage the use of retail-based clinics and urgent care centers, because we feel they are not equipped with the knowledge of your child’s history when they make their diagnostic decisions. There are many situations where a child’s behavior problem or earliest symptom of a chronic disease is found incidentally at a simple visit for sore throat or during a well visit. As children grow older we often only see them for their yearly well-child exams and need the health information collected then to use as a baseline for which to compare any health issues that may arise at a later date.